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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               07/20 09:30

KANSAS     .     .             .              .              .
NEBRASKA   .     .             .              .              .
TEXAS      .    *115-117(BID)  .             *115-117(BID)   .
COLORADO   .     .             .              .              .
IOWA       .     .             .              .              .
                         *=PRIVATE SOURCES

DTN COMMENTS:  The country is fairly quiet this morning with a few scattered 
bids reported following yesterday's light Northern trade at mostly 188.00, 
$2.00 lower than last week's weighted average. We expect packer inquiry to 
continue to improve as the day progresses. Having said that, it possible 
that significant trade volume could be delayed until Friday. Asking prices 
are around 121.00-122.00 in the South, and 190.00-192.00 in the North. Beef 
cutouts are expected to be mixed with light to moderate box movement.

NOTE:  Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-800-369-7675, 1-402-399-6402, or 1-402-462-8897. All sales will be listed 
anonymously and organized by state.  General trends and summaries from this 
data will be posted on the Daily Sales Reported to DTN page.

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